The importance of objects in Feng Shui

Objects should represent symbols of happiness, beauty, love, joy, harmony, bringing a lot of positive and benevolent emotions. 

Beware of objects that are second hand as objects hold energies (good or bad).

Unpleasant objects should not be kept out of friendship or family loyalty.

It is preferable to avoid all the negative, masks, war scenes, pictures or depressing objects, weapons, knives, dried flowers and objects recalling a painful past or tensions, negative memories...

We avoid Shar Qi from beams by painting them the same colour as the ceiling or hiding them (false ceiling or hanging), from arrows, from sharp angles...

To see if objects are suitable, ask yourself: how long has it been bad? or what have I bought or been given since it was bad?

If you find it difficult to part with certain objects of a deceased person, look to see if you are putting yourself in a form of guilt in relation to him or her. Ask yourself: is this important to me?

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