Feng Shui in Nice for individuals

During our first meeting, we discuss the areas you want to improve in your life, your goals and your relationship, financial, professional life or health issues.

I then analyze the location of the furniture, objects, materials and colors used ...

I also need to know the dates of birth of the residents, the date of construction or when you move into the house.

I then take measurements, locate the position of the furniture, analyze the environment (the position and size of the infrastructure nearby and the disruptors of energy flows).

Within a maximum of 2 weeks, I write my expert report which includes:

Study of the external environment

Analysis of the orientation and configuration of the place

Piece-by-piece comments on the corrections to be made

Analysis of favorable and unfavorable areas of the house

Personalized study for each inhabitant

Flying stars, evil stars and annual plagues

Once the report is submitted, I follow up for 3 months in order to make the best improvements.

The report is 50 to 60 pages with plans and photos.

The Feng Shui recommendations I give are generally achievable without any landscaping work.