The beneficial flying Stars in the San Yuan System

Star 1, known as the "star of prosperity", represents wealth, money, fame and success. It symbolises righteousness, authority and fairness. It brings renewal and improvement in relationships. The effect of this Water energy star can be enhanced by placing a black or blue object, or a fountain or aquarium.

Star 4, the so-called "academic and relational" star, represents intelligence, writing skills and the achievement of academic success. It is the symbol of culture and literature. The effect of this Wood energy star is enhanced by placing wooden objects or plants.

Star 6 represents wealth, prosperity and charisma. It is the symbol of high authority, influence and material goods. The effect of this metal energy star is enhanced by placing metal objects, such as a wind chime.

Star 8 stands for nobility and honesty, and is also the star of future prosperity and luck. The effect of this earth star is enhanced by placing an object made of rock crystal, for example.

Star 9 is the symbol of goodwill and good news. The effect of this fire star can be strengthened by placing red objects or candles.

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