Ming Gua

This formula allows for the creation of an interior that is beneficial to all inhabitants.

The personal directions that are favourable or unfavourable for each inhabitant are determined according to his or her Gua number. This number is calculated according to the date of birth and sex. 

For each Gua there are 4 good personal directions and favourable locations of the person in the house and 4 bad directions and unfavourable locations.

For each person we choose to place the head of the bed and the right direction of the desk in their good directions. If possible, the front door, the office and the bedroom are also chosen in their 4 favourable sectors in the house, and not their 4 bad directions or locations.

Each Gua corresponds to a type of element, therefore a colour, a season, a character... We identify your astrological sign to see your affinities and your character.

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