How to activate a sector with the 5 elements ?

-For Wood: use plants, flowers, wooden or rattan or bamboo objects and the colour green and turquoise. Stones: green jade in the East and pyrite in the South-East.

-For Fire: lighting, candles, aromatherapy burners and the colour red and dark orange and fushia. Stone: Orange calcite.

-For Earth: crystals and rocks, maps, globes, porcelain, pottery and the colours yellow, light orange, beige, ochre, brown and brick. Stones: Tiger's eye in the North East and Rose Quartz in the South West.

-For Metal: bells, wind chimes with rods, metal objects, coins and the colour white, grey, sky blue, gold, silver...copper. Stones: Hematite in the West and Rock Crystal in the North West.

-For Water: water objects such as water vases, aquariums, miniature fountains, mirrors, glass, crystal and the colour is black and navy blue and other strong blues. Stone: Aquamarine.

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