Feng Shui taboos

-A house or land that has the 4 golden points (Great Tai Chi Formula) means that all cardinal directions are present. Each sector is assigned to a life domain and when one is missing, the consultant's job is to bring remedies to that sector.

-One avoids connecting two doors between two houses and having two kitchens in the same house (double hearth). 

-In the centre of the house, one avoids a kitchen or toilets, staircases (especially spiral ones), a chimney. The kitchen should not be located in the northwest (= lost chance for the man of the house). In this case, keep 20 litres of water or 12 x 1.5 litre bottles of water in the kitchen).

-In the patio you should also avoid placing jagged rocks.

-Rooms such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens that carry waste water are considered negative rooms in the house (try to place them in the wrong sectors of the house trigram).

-Blind rooms, storerooms, dressing rooms, etc. are also considered negative.

-Do not place the bathroom in the bedroom.

-Entering through the garage is not recommended (low energy).

-Negative rooms are located in the wrong sectors of the Guas of the people.

- No swimming pool or water room that can be seen from the front door (if to the right, tiger = man's infidelity, if to the left, dragon = woman's infidelity).

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